Conference Presentations

Here you can find the presentations from the conference (November 16/17, 2021).

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

TimeTitleSpeaker (Abstract)
09:40 AMUpdate of the SOTIF Cause and Effect ModelCarsten Gebauer
[Robert Bosch GmbH]
10:40 AMBest practices for successful implementations – Safety analyses: Systematic SOTIF HARADr. Arnulf Braatz
[Vector Consulting Services GmbH]
Safety Analyses and Methods
11:20 AMVDA recommendation „situation catalog“Dr.-Ing. Marc Bringeland,
Christoph Passon
[Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG],
Konrad Pfaller
[Audi AG]
01:00 PMQuantitative Safety Integrity Analysis for L3+ Systemsapl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Moritz Werling [BMW AG]
01:40 PMModel-based Dependent Failure Analyse (DFA)Dr. Peter Munk
[Robert Bosch GmbH]
02:20 PMAdvanced Modelling of Diagnostics in an FTAPhilipp Kilian
[Robert Bosch GmbH]
03:30 PMSoftware updates over the air SOTA – Safety meets SecurityDr. Oliver Kust
[ETAS GmbH],
Christina Gallner
04:10 PMSafety analyses of redundancy versus decomposition in context of fail-operational sensorsDr. Stefan Schinzer
[HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA]
04:50 PMAUTOSAR Adaptive Platform – The standardized software framework for safe highly automated vehiclesRinat Asmus

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

TimeTitleSpeaker (Abstract)
08:35 AM Updates on Standardization
– Andreas Knapp
– Nicolas Becker
– Simon Fürst
– Simon Burton
Andreas Knapp
[Mercedes-Benz AG],
Nicolas Becker
Simon Fürst [BMW AG],
Simon Burton
[Fraunhofer IKS]
Safety Engineering Methods
09:15 AM Utilizing the full power of sentence templates in safety requirements engineeringDr. A. Schnellbach
[AVL List GmbH]
09:55 AM Systems engineering meets safety – combined approach with the use of MBSEDr. Sebastian Schröter
[MHP GmbH],
Alexander De Jong
11:10 AM Safety meets Human Factors: Safety in Use for a Holistic Approach towards System
Anna Thomsen,
Leon Szafraniec
[Tagueri AG]
Automated Driving & AI
11:50 AM VVM – Towards a comprehensive framework for AD safety ensuranceRoland Galbas
[Robert Bosch GmbH]
12:20 PMSoftware for Autonomous Driving – Are we Fail-op Yet?Dipl. Ing. Jonas Wolf
[Vector Informatik GmbH]
02:00 PMA Functional Safety Concept at vehicle level in the context of “Safety First for Automated Driving” and “UNECE R157 regulation” and with the intention to bring added value to “ISO TR 4804”Matthias Größler
[FSQ Experts GmbH],
Nicolas Fronteau
[Diagonal Technologies™]
02:40 PMSOTIF challenges for AI enabled Autonomous Driving SystemsMadhusudan Lingarajappa
[Continental Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd]
03:20 PMArchitectural Design for Deep Neural NetworksAndré Roßbach
[ GmbH]