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Safetronic - International Conference on Holistic Safety for Road Vehicles
Nov 15 – 16, 2023
Stuttgart Area, Germany

The international conference »Safetronic« holistically addresses the safety of road vehicles and all related aspects, including but not limited to functional safety, SOTIF, cybersecurity, safety-in-use and others.

The conference offers a rewarding exchange with experts of renowned companies and the excellent opportunity to connect with partners. Next to best practice reports and innovative approaches of leading OEMs and the supply industry, the event will be accompanied by interactive formats.

The conference Safetronic is primarily visited by the industry sectors of

  • automotive construction and suppliers

  • electrical engineering / electronics

  • software development

  • mechanical engineering

  • research institutes

The participants work in Research & Development, Construction / Product Development, Quality Management, Software Development and Technical Sales Departments.

Updates on trends & developments

  • ISO 26262, SOTIF, cybersecurity & safety-in-use

  • Successful implementations and best practices

  • Innovative safety approaches regarding connectivity, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, electrification

Call for Papers 2023

Please note that the call for paper has been closed since May 10.
Thank you for the numerous submissions this year.

The program committee is now starting to review the papers and will put together the complete program by June 23. You will find a first presentation information in the menu under Program.

Safetronic 2022

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Safetronic 2022 – Photos: Fraunhofer IKS / Günter E. Bergmann – Photography


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