The international conference Safetronic holistically addresses the safety of road vehicles and all related aspects, including but not limited to functional safety, SOTIF, cybersecurity, safety-in-use and others.

The conference offers a rewarding exchange with experts of renowned companies and the excellent opportunity to connect with partners next to best practice reports and innovative approaches of leading OEMs and the supply industry.

Conferene date: 13-14 November 2024 | Stuttgart Area, Germany

The right to make changes in the program schedule for good reason is reserved.
Organizer will make every effort to communicate any changes in advance.

First presentation information 2024


Updates to norms & standards
Andreas Knapp, Mercedes-Benz AG


Interactive keynote: legal regulations
Dr. Volker Hartmann, FERNRIDE GmbH
Sebastian Giera, LLM, Robert Bosch GmbH


V&V: moving from ODD to behavioural safety centric approach
Eric Barbier, Wayve Technologies Ltd.


AI in vehicle technology
Hans-Leo Ross, Vay Technologies GmbH
Dr. Bernhard Bauer, CARIAD SE


Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment for Autonomous Vehicles
Dr. Adam Schnellbach, AVL List GmbH


Explainable Statistical Evaluation of an Automated Driving System Functionality
Frauke Blossey; Rainer Faller, GmbH


Innovating Safely: Assurance for the Next Generation of Aviation
Kim Wasson, PhD, Joby Aviation


Timing Verification of AUTOSAR-Based Fail-Operational Systems
Jonas Wolf, Vector Informatik GmbH


AbRA - Architecture-based Risk Analysis to speed up Safety Argumentations
Jürgen Sauler, Robert Bosch GmbH


Operational Safety experiences @ ZF Mobility Solutions
Dr. Roman Krzemien, Ahmed Kchikach, ZF Group


Architectures for Safe Automated Driving
Moritz Antlanger, TTTech Auto AG


Implementation in accordance with ISO 26262 – recurrency of MPF safety mechanism
Magnus Jaster, Vitesco Technologies Group AG


A technical and fancy approach to apply Linux for safety-related applications
Dr. Michael Armbruster, Elektrobit Automotive GmbH


Identification of Triggering Events as Extension of existing FuSi Processes
Hans N. Beck, Daimler Truck AG



Adaptive Operational Design Domain
Ryan Mut, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Functional Safety for FCEVs
Dr. Christian Nessler, HORIBA MIRA Ltd.

Quantitative fault tree analysis for autonomous systems
Noah Carlson, Edge Case Research Inc.

On the significance of pseudo-random software erros in holistic product safety
Dr. Christopher Wiegand, dSPACE GmbH

Safety analyses methods using artificial intelligence - future outlook
Britta Linnemann, FSS Functional Safety Solutions Hamburg GmbH


Scientific keynote at networking event: Building safe systems with AI - a call to action 
Dr. Reinhard Stolle, Fraunhofer IKS 

Chair and Program Committee

Name Company
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Mario Trapp / Fraunhofer IKS Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Mario Trapp Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS
Nicolas Becker Stellantis N.V.
Thomas Frese / FORD Werke GmbH Thomas Frese FORD Werke GmbH
Simon Fürst / BMW Group Simon Fürst BMW Group
Frank Kirschke-Biller / Volkswagen AG Frank Kirschke-Biller Volkswagen AG
Andreas Knapp / Mercedes-Benz AG Andreas Knapp Mercedes-Benz AG
Stefan Kriso / Robert Bosch GmbH Stefan Kriso Robert Bosch GmbH
Peter Lascych / Vitesco Technologies Germany GmbH Peter Lascych Vitesco Technologies Germany GmbH
Hans-Leo Ross / Vay Technology GmbH Hans-Leo Ross Vay Technology GmbH
Dr. Håkan Sivencrona / Zenseact AB Dr. Håkan Sivencrona VOLVO CAR GROUP