First program overview

Norms and standards

Updates to ISO 21448, ISO PAS 8926, ISO TR 9839, ISO TR 9968, ISO PAS 8800, ISO TS 5083
Andreas Knapp, Mercedes-Benz Group AG | Nicolas Becker, Stellantis N.V. | Simon Burton, Fraunhofer Institute for Cognitive Systems IKS | Simon Fürst, BMW Group

General overview about standardization activities for automated driving
Egbert Fritzsche, German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA


Safety concept of Mercedes-Benz’s drive pilot
Dr. Thomas Wiltschko, Mercedes-Benz Group AG

A domain-specific language for model-based systems-safety engineering
Ruben Rösner, Rafael Rauter Herescu, CARIAD SE

Development approaches

Development of the technical safety concept (TSC) and safety requirements for a microcontroller using a model-based system engineering (MBSE) approach
Dr. Aymen Touati, Infineon Technologies GmbH

Developing safe vehicles by ISO 26262 conform feature-based development
Igor Kuhlhoff, Bosch Engineering GmbH

A look above the sideline

BOEING 737 MAX – The failure of a safety culture
Sven E. Hammarberg, BVR Investigations

In-depth focus

Dealing with pseudo-random software faults in complex critical driver assistant systems
Rüdiger Nortmann, MCG Management Consult GmbH

Opportunities and limits of highly integrated ultra-dependable automotive computing
Christopher Temple, ARM Limited

Holistic safety approach

Holistic risk-centric safety approach
Delphine Kervarec, Renault
Nicolas Becker, Stellantis N.V.

Safety approach for camera-based driver monitoring systems used in the context of driving automation
Florent Meurville, Valeo Driving Assistance Research

Product safety HARA – beyond functional safety
Dr. Pierre Metz, Brose Group

Get Together

On the evening of November 8 (start 7 pm) we are pleased to invite you to a seated dinner. Network with each other and with the speakers as well as the program committee.